Sidewalk Ordinance Update

Sidewalk Ordinance Update

A working group has been formed with the assistance of Councilmember Larry Reid with the Dept. of Transportation (DOT). The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 18 th . The working group’s charge is to point out to the DOT and City Council the aspects of the Sidewalk Ordinance that hinders the home buying and selling process. The certification process and stipulations mandated by property owners at the point of sale has created problems with escrows closing timely and unnecessary frustration to a process that is already complicated enough. I will provide updated information after the conclusion of this next meeting.

Please see below the video of Council Member Larry Reid’s comments on the Sidewalk Ordinance prior to the City Council adopting it:

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Legislative Committee:
Imani Breaux-Smith
Georgia Richardson
Renee Tucker
Marie Sturgell

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